Monday, December 24, 2012

26 Acts of Kindness

I was going to originally have this blog dedicated to my art, but I think for the moment, that may come at a later date.

For the present day and time, I feel like I need to focus on myself, in the way of how I can interact with the world around me to make it a better place. I have always been one to go out of my way and be kind to people- that absurdly weird girl who gets terribly offended when people are rude to one another. However, I feel that sometimes that has now gone unnoticed as it is just my assumed personality. I want my own personality and loves to be more than something that only I live with...

I want it to be a philosophy for everyone to follow, becoming a regular habit. Kindness shouldn't be some special opportunity; it should be one's way of LIFE.

So, I take it upon myself, with all of these recent tragedies, to take on the 26 acts of kindness. I wouldn't  call it a challenge, for kindness should be something that should be so habitual for us.

Thus, I encourage you to practice this habit, for as Rachel (first victim of the Columbine shooting) preached, "kindness is a chain reaction". Let's create a community where people take care of one another, stranger or friend. Let's make it so anyone can take a moment to help someone out and listen to them in times of trouble.

It's not about me, but how I can start a chain reaction and "BE THE CHANGE [I] WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD."