Monday, December 31, 2012

Want to Slim Down in 2013?

I found an article through MSN talking about mind games to use to help you lose weight. I thought I'd relay some of the more eye-opening/useful info:

1) Dim the Lights 

          If you're under a softer light, the mood is less stimulating to the brain, making you more uninterested in the food. I tried this one out during dinner tonight. Once I was finished, I did notice that I felt a lot more tired. I felt relaxed, and not that "go, go, go" feeling that I would have with the lights on. Eating didn't feel like a task that I had to rush through (thus eating more). I enjoyed my food a lot more, and I can really see how this one could help after awhile.

2) Got Zzzzz's?
          Studies show that getting less than 6.5 hours of sleep can lead to you eating an extra 500 calories in your day. You're trying to substitute your tiredness with energy from food, which is most likely to just make you more sleepy. Instead, try a quick little workout or jaunt- those endorphins will pick you right up! (Or take a nap).

3) Rephrase your Thoughts
          We all tell ourselves, "I can't". Telling ourselves that we can't do something is a punishment, tearing down our motivation. Now, try telling yourself "you don't" eat certain foods in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. I can see this one in my life because I'm a pescatarian. I have never said, "I can't eat beef, pork, or poultry", but simply, "I don't eat those meats". It's never been a big deal for me. In fact, now analyzing this statement, I can see how saying "I don't" makes me feel more confident; it's my choice to eat like that, and that's pretty awesome. For me, I'm going to say, "I don't eat carbs (because it makes my stomach upset)"- and that's no fun.

4) Love Yourself
          Tell yourself you're beautiful, happy, have a great sense of style, and that you're THIN! Studies show that if you think thin, your lifestyle will mimic how you treat yourself. I struggled (past tense!) with saying, "Ah, whatever", "One time", "When do you enjoy yourself?" Well, pretty soon, I was saying yes to everything- like I might as well! So tell yourself you're absolutely lovely when you resist that sugary temptation, for that was purely amazing! You're so much more confident, strong, and thinner without it! This is YOUR life, not those sugary food's life.

5) Pair your Meals
          If you pair your meals with water, you are more likely to choose more low-calorie foods than if you drink a sugary beverage. You'll think healthier, if you do a little healthy.

What to Eat?


Well I've been thinking about what I would like to eat now for this new start back to my health. It really shouldn't be an issue, because I've always been an extremely healthy eater. Lately though, health isn't what I've been craving. It's just bad habits for the moment.

So, I've been thinking about what I want to start eating to kickstart this passion for delicious wholesome food. I want to start with the Paleo diet. I used to always naturally eat like that. Now just putting a title to my regular diet I believe will just help me to stick with it. That means fruits, veggies, and nuts for me since I don't eat meat. What I CAN'T STAND though, is the fact that it sounds so delicious to me. Seeing pictures of a grapefruit cut in half just makes my mouth water. However, when that is placed in front of me, it is the most boring thing I could imagine eating.

Maybe it is because I'm telling myself to diet and lose weight,
instead of just telling myself it's an amazing lifestyle
that will help me achieve all that I want.

Eating healthy is an achievement and will only create more.
(That sounds good).

Though, maybe I need to eat new eclectic meals to amp up that taste palette again. Or, do I need to maybe eat the same things all the time so it's less tempting to eat a lot. Variety seems like it would entice me to stay with healthy choices. Hmmm.....

Ideas on healthy PALEO recipes? Roasted tomatoes, stuffed mushrooms, grilled bananas...
Any awesome vegan recipes?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Rainy Running Gear?

I have recently moved out to the lovely Portland, OR from Colorado. I still have the mountains (well kind of, but yay!), but now there's this thing of massive amounts of water coming from the sky that I'm just not used to. I think they call it "rain".

I was hoping for a shout out from anyone else who lives in a rainy area- what do you wear for running gear in the rain?
Is it just whatever to you and you wear what you want 
and just know that you're going to get soaked?
I would think there would be some awesome light rain shedder sweater or something. I mean, I have a rain jacket, but I get so hot running in a jacket! Is there also a wicking rain jacket? Obviously I need my arms covered like sweater, but especially coming from snowy Colorado, I really don't need/want to wear a long sleeve. I get so hot!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012


I don't know what's wrong with me!

I used to be the girl who couldn't get enough fruit. That's all I wanted to live off of. I could eat it breakfast, lunch, and dinner lickety-split. No problem. People would always remark that all I ate was fruit, and I was proud of it. Uh, yeah!! It's darn healthy, nutritious and I love it! Like the whole, "You have no idea what you're missing out on." My mom could hardly keep it stalked in the house. I remember one day she came home with a grocery sack full of fruit. In it, there were two bags loaded with grapes. I ate both of them for lunch- awesome. Also, as a little girl, I never really cared for red meat. So when I was 12, I stopped eating beef and pork. Then, just this past year, I stopped eating chicken- now being a pescatarian. 

However though, also this past year, I have gained over 25 pounds! Most of it just these past 2 months. (Yes, I understand it's the holidays and everyone gains a little). Though, what I've noticed most is the mentality I've also gained with this weight. It's atrocious!

I came home about an hour ago from staying at a friend's house overnight. I wasn't particularly hungry. I was drooling over the pomegranate all the way home that I knew what sitting so lovingly on the counter. I was imagining all the fruit in the basket. Mmmm! 
Nope- not a chance.
I swung open the bread cupboard (bread, cereal, chips, etc) and devoured a roll we had (with butter), ate my enchilada from the other day, two little candy bars, a scoop of ice cream, chugged a glass of milk, a handful of cereal, and a yogurt....and I think that was it. Are you f***ing kidding me?! Seriously? What happened to that delicious pomegranate?

Most importantly, when I got done, I wasn't even satisfied. And satisfied in the way that I enjoyed what I ate, that it was yummy, that I'm content. This is the way it's been, and more so since about mid-October. Total gluttony. What I cannot understand though, is how can I go from practically a fruititarian, to not even considering it? I have NEVER liked breads or pastas, or anything of the nature. I still  don't like the taste of them, yet I have decided that I just like shoving it down my throat? How have I gotten to a point that I don't even like what I'm eating, yet can't have the "will power" to eat what I have always thought is good.

What's wrong with me? (Please help).

Health Journey

On one of the last TED talks that I watched, it talked about the 30 day challenge. The presenter said that one may change or adapt new habits in their life in just 30 days.

My 30 day challenge (how cliche, but yes) is to be healthier and get back in shape.

I used to be an avid runner and always eating fruits and vegetables. I hardly ever ate junk food and especially carbs. They stressed me out. Then one year when I did cross country and was told constantly that I needed to eat and carb up. Well, afterwards, those "necessities" became habit. So now when I see sugar and carbs, I tell myself, "ah, whatever". I gained 15 pounds in one month. That's a pound every other day!


Help me stay on track, and challenge my habits to just say "no".

Monday, December 24, 2012

26 Acts of Kindness

I was going to originally have this blog dedicated to my art, but I think for the moment, that may come at a later date.

For the present day and time, I feel like I need to focus on myself, in the way of how I can interact with the world around me to make it a better place. I have always been one to go out of my way and be kind to people- that absurdly weird girl who gets terribly offended when people are rude to one another. However, I feel that sometimes that has now gone unnoticed as it is just my assumed personality. I want my own personality and loves to be more than something that only I live with...

I want it to be a philosophy for everyone to follow, becoming a regular habit. Kindness shouldn't be some special opportunity; it should be one's way of LIFE.

So, I take it upon myself, with all of these recent tragedies, to take on the 26 acts of kindness. I wouldn't  call it a challenge, for kindness should be something that should be so habitual for us.

Thus, I encourage you to practice this habit, for as Rachel (first victim of the Columbine shooting) preached, "kindness is a chain reaction". Let's create a community where people take care of one another, stranger or friend. Let's make it so anyone can take a moment to help someone out and listen to them in times of trouble.

It's not about me, but how I can start a chain reaction and "BE THE CHANGE [I] WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD."