Gallery of Art

Faded Blood. Acrylic and pen.

Cross. Watercolor and pen.

Strengthen. Oil.
Finding. Oil.

After Rain. Acrylic and pastel.

Breaking Through. Oil.

Lights. Watercolor and pen.

See. Wire.

Bird Buns. Plaster.

Umbrella Pattern. Watercolor.
Aggie Hill. Watercolor.

Exuberance. Charcoal and pastel.

High School. Charcoal.

Last, Flower. Charcoal, watercolor, paper, pen, plaster cast.

Packing Stars. Watercolor.

Quieted. Charcoal and pastel.

Rosemary. Charcoal and pastel.

Tea is Liquid Wisdom. Tea and watercolor.

Tea No. 5. Brass and copper.

Changing Roots. Newspaper and natural stains.