Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In My Thoughts

In this stressful time of finals week and the general chaos of weird men, I wanted to post my dearest friend's poem. All of his poems are so passionate and truly glorious to read. You can check him out at Any time I am feeling any sort of negative emotion, I turn to his poetry, and I hope you can too. He picks out the tiny details in life and makes them magnificent. Alas, this is his poem to me, written a while ago.

The Dancer

Amidst so many dancers,
she is always the one
to whom I return.

She is an extension,
knowing the exact place
I wish her feet to land.

She is an addition,
of a beauty and a grace
I could only hope to see.

She is a mystery,
with natural flourish
and unnatural charm.

She is a whisper,
floating around the floor,
leaving her gentle kiss.

She is a dancer.
But more, she is the dancer,
the best I know;

The one whom
I will always return too,
the eye of the storm;

But the one whom
I will never fully understand,
the beautiful green pool.