Friday, October 11, 2013

Kindness Challenge

Unbelievably angry right now.

Now, I wouldn't say angry in the fact that I want to harm or punch something. It's: I'm so utterly frustrated with the way things are going and this somewhat "stuck" position of life I'm in. I just want to scream so damn loud that my voice just may be heard

Let me frame this for you: I moved to Portland from Colorado last year for school, not knowing a single soul. It was finally my time to not have the labels from high school covering up what person I really shined through as. I could finally be me. Yet, I was interested in dating, and with school and boys meshing together, there was no time for anything else. No lasting connections. Plus, I was interested in one boy heavily and finally things became official in the spring. 
Then summer rolled around and I actually worked in Yellowstone National Park as a horseback riding tour guide. Again, I went somewhere not knowing anyone. Plus, with no cell service and the slowest internet connection you could imagine, I lost connection with those few lines in Portland. 

I became overly frustrated with the fact that I felt like a was alone and didn't know anyone. So, I decided to become more involved and became a Resident Assistant. I wanted to make those connections. Thus, my boyfriend broke up with me—right?

So, it's not that I'm angry; I'm just extremely driven and passionate to find this bigger connection for myself. I have this desire to reach out to people. I want my tiny voice to make a difference in some way, some how. 

The Kindness Challenge:

Leave kind notes around Portland that may hopefully
create a chain reaction of doing
Random Acts of Kindness.
1st: Coffee cup reminder.

"Be kind to one another."—Ellen DeGeneres

If you feel inclined, send/post pics of your RAoK.