Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fixins for the Sniffles.

Yep, lucky me, I got a cold.

But also, thank goodness, I got a cold. I'm one of those people with an incredible immune system and only gets sick once every four years (and I mean throwing up sick). Colds also rarely happen for me, but it does mean that when I get them, I'm probably not going to get anything worse that year. I'm also thankful that I just got the sniffles because usually I am unbelievably prone to sore throats. And when I say sore throats, what I mean is: indescribably irritable, sharp, burning, raw, painful-to-swallow, miserable sore throat. It's everything in your power to keep from carrying around a jar with you, just to spit in, so you don't have to endure the dreaded swallow.

Now, since I've been sniffling so much, of course people have asked me if I am sick. When I tell them "yes", all of a sudden a parade of "I have..." whatever to make me feel better comes up. One that always pops up is lemon tea. I'm a huge fan of tea, but why lemon?

Well, not only is lemon high in Vitamin C, but also has lots of phytochemicals. This is a chemical compound that is found naturally in plants that helps boost your immune system. Ginger and honey are also found in many cold teas because when they are mixed together, they are a great expectorant. This means they clear the air passages. So, combine that awesome power with hot liquid, and you are all flushed out. 

I can say I tried the tea this morning, and praise the Lord, I can breathe again. Awesome what home remedies can do.