Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm Back! and with Determination!

So this goes out to a comment I got on my last article. It really was a wake up call that I need to start writing again (so thank you). I was hiding in the beginning of the year due to my weight gain, but now!
I am more determined than ever!

I was doing quite well this past winter term. By the end of February, my jeans were slipping on a lot easier (meaning, I was back where I was before I gained all this weight). Then, of course, finals, spring break and all that jazz happened (and I was a bit bad about my gluten-free), so I gained some back. UGH!!! Totally frustrating! It's even more pull-my-hair-out-aggravating since I used to have two cousins who were quite chubby, while I was stick thin, and now they got SUPER skinny, and I did the opposite! I could go on and on about how this is also my prime time to shine and show off my figure and there are all these adorable boys, and I just feel like I'm too big for them. 

So now! I am more determined than ever to finally get this weight off. I plan on an intense 10 week diet in which I want to lose a pound a week. I still not be as thin as I was when I lost the weight the first time, but I will have so much more confidence and that's really my ideal comfort weight. I would love to hear some motivating stories! Any motivation tips? Wish me luck!

So far this week, I've been so good! Lots of eggs for protein and NO GLUTEN! Not even tempted! Any awesome recipe ideas? (Keep in mind I'm a vegetarian).